Commercial Ornamental Fence


AmeriFence Corporation has their own exclusive line of ornamental fencing representing the best of materials and coatings.

Multiple Options

You can purchase our prefabricated ornamental panels in flat top or spear top options at 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′ heights

Appealing Designs

Ornamental fencing provides a classical and sophisticated look to any property, increasing your curb appeal and value.

Long Lasting

American Ornamental is both galvanized and powder coated.  Along with our warranty, your ornamental fence will last a lifetime.


If you are looking for tried and true prefabricated ornamental fencing, AmeriFence Corporation has their own line of prefabricated ornamental fencing called American Ornamental. Whether you prefer flat top or spear top, your ornamental fence should be an appealing part of your property that reflects your taste and design.

Our customers trust us to install a high-quality product that holds up to the tests of time and improves the look of their property. You will find our ornamental fence throughout the country, which includes the TD Ameritrade Ballpark, Offutt Air Force Base, CenturyLink Center, Google, Strategic Air Command, the Old Market, Eppley Airfield and many more

Ornamental Fence FAQ

Will my ornamental fence rust, fade, peel or chip?

Without question, this is the greatest concern with ornamental fencing. Consequently, you should not purchase a metal fence system unless it has been:

  • Powder Coating. This coating provides a plastic like candy apple coating to metal products. It is powder that is applied to the fence and then melted in an oven, creating a baked-on tough coating.
  • Galvanizing. Leaving your fence with a shiny silver coating, galvanizing seals the fence from rust and corrosion with a zinc rich finish. Though this is a great application to prevent rust; unfortunately, most paint applications do not adhere to the shiny galvanized finish unless first brush blasted.
  • E-coated. With over forty years of steel fabrication, AmeriFence Corporation stands firm on only providing products with these forms of coatings. Don’t settle for anything less.

Can AmeriFence Corporation of Salina customize my ornamental fence?

We have fabricated literally thousands of different fence and railing designs with the following process. Regardless if you purchase American Ornamental fence system or a custom fence; we can add a unique appeal to your fence and gates.

If using American Ornamental fence, think about adding quad flares and triads to your picket tops or rings between your rails. Keep it simple by customizing your gates with arched tops and some flare such as rings, scrolls, cast iron designs or plasma cut letters, numbers and shapes.

  1. With computer aided design (CAD) programmers, we can provide you with a CAD drawing of your dream fence or railing.
  2. Once you have selected a design, we will personally field review your application.
  3. Upon field verification, we will provide you with actual drawings of your dream as it will appear.
  4. With a team of certified welders, we will build your product to the highest standards.
  5. With hundreds of color samples and paint applications, we will work with you to select your colors.
  6. With over forty years of experience, you can count on us to install your ornamental fence, gates and railings on time and to your satisfaction.

Are the ornamental fence posts set in concrete?

All posts are set in a wet mix concrete. Dry mix with water added later is not acceptable.

Is field welding acceptable for ornamental iron fence?

Only when absolutely necessary. Never let anyone field weld or “stick build” your ornamental fence in the field. The welds are immediately exposed to the elements where high humidity levels or dew can immediately start the materials to rust. All panels should be completely shop fabricated with bolt-on connections to the posts. Field welds do violate the powder coated finish and can only be touched up with manufacturer’s touch-up system.

Do you provide a warranty with prefabricated ornamental iron fence?

If selecting AmeriFence Corporation of Salina products, you can count on a 10-20 year warranty against cracking, chipping and undue fading.