The Case for Fir Wood Fence

Fir is a very durable, affordable product that is perfect for fencing. America’s Fence Store has Stained Cedar-tone Fir pickets that will give you the consistent color and overall durability you’re looking for in your fence. Fir is resistant to bending, warping and holds nails and screws well without cracking. Pre-staining gives these pickets a sealant that helps protect them from insects and rot.

In fencing, when it comes to convenience, it’s hard to beat a pre-stained picket. No one can tell you the true value of a pre-stained fir picket like a do-it-yourselfer who tried to stain their own fence. It’s not until you’ve spent countless hours to stain it yourself that you understand the value of having it stained correctly by a professional before installation.

Pre-stained vs. Unstained Fir

The 5/8″ x 5-1/2″ x 6′ Stained Cedar-Tone Fir pickets come from a saw mill where they know the wood best. Mills use mechanical means to perfectly stain these pickets in the exact right conditions. If you wanted to stain your wood fence home, you’d have to wait for a day with absolutely no wind, plenty of sun and a consistent temperature that’s warm, but not too warm. If you don’t adhere to these conditions, your stain may not coat correctly, and could start to peel after a few years or sooner.

Most pickets are rough, making it difficult to roll on stain. A sprayer is your best option for staining, but also the messiest. With the slightest bit of breeze (or even without) you could get spray all over. This could include your house, your porch or worst of all, any of your neighbor’s property.

Our Stained Cedar-tone Fir pickets also have the benefit of complete coverage and consistency. If you try to stain a fence once it’s built, you’re not going to be able to reach everywhere. Areas between or underneath boards or fixtures will be near impossible to reach. This will leave your fence inconsistent no matter how slight.

If you’re concerned you’ll need to cut your pre-stained pickets and leave an obvious mark, don’t worry. We carry stain on hand for touch-ups you may need.

Advantages of Stained Cedar-tone Fir Pickets

  • Avoid hassle and heartbreak of DIY staining post-installation
  • Secures screws and nails with ease
  • Consistent stain on every picket
  • Cost Effective
  • No mess from DIY staining
  • Durable, strong wood

Pre-stained fencing products only have a slightly higher price point than unstained materials, but make up for that difference in convenience and quality. Visit America’s Fence Store for a premium selection of fencing materials today.